Introduced new Order List filtering options

20 November 2018

Introduced new Order List filtering options to improve filtering by custom fields.

The Order List now has the following filter options for custom fields:

  • Order Custom Field
  • Payment Custom Field

When selected, both new filters present you with a list of custom fields from your data model to use as parameters. These filters can be used in place of the Order Predicate and Payment Predicate filter options, reducing predicate syntax issues.

To use the custom field filters:

  1. Navigate to Order List.
  2. Click the Filter button.
  3. Select Order Custom Field or Payment Custom Field from the Add Filters drop-down.

Below are are two screenshots illustrating the new Custom Field filter options.

Greenshot 2018-11-19 11.45.24

Greenshot 2018-11-19 12.03.47