Quick Access

An easy navigation across the Merchant Center.

Quick Access helps you navigate to almost any part of the Merchant Center with just a few keystrokes. You can move between pages or add entities like Products, Customer Groups, Discounts, and more wherever you are in the Merchant Center.

Merchant Center Quick Access search

Using Quick Access

  1. Anywhere in the Merchant Center, press the F key to launch Quick Access.
  2. Type the name of an application (for example: Products). Results are suggested as you type.

    An arrow next to a result indicates that there are sub-items. To access a sub-item, press the right arrow key.

  3. Select an application from the drop-down menu and press the enter key.

To close the Quick Access, press the esc key or click anywhere in the Merchant Center outside of the popup window.

Opening a Result in a New Tab

  • In macOSX, select a result and press cmd+enter or cmd+click.
  • In Windows OS, select a result and press ctrl+enter or ctrl+click.