Quick Access

An easy navigation across the Merchant Center.

Quick Access helps you navigate to almost any part of the Merchant Center with just a few keystrokes. You can move between pages or add entities like Products, Customer Groups, Discounts and more wherever you are in the Merchant Center.

Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 12.04.04

Using Quick Access

  1. Anywhere in the Merchant Center, press the F key to launch Quick Access.
  2. Type the name of an application (e.g. Products). Results are suggested as you type.

    An arrow next to a result indicates that there are sub-items. To access a sub-item, press the Right Arrow key.

  3. Select an application from the drop-down menu and press the Enter key.

To close the Quick Access, press the ESC key or click anywhere in the Merchant Center outside of the popup window.

Opening a Result in a New Tab

  • In macOSX, select a result and press “CMD+Enter” or “CMD+Click”.
  • In Windows OS, select a result and press “Ctrl+Enter” or “Ctrl+Click”.