Displaying relevant information concerning your Project.

Note: The Dashboard is not available on our AWS Regions.

The Merchant Center Dashboard displays in several widgets relevant information concerning your Project. In the default view, you get information on:

  • Sales performance: Displays a breakdown of sales revenue over a selectable time range.
  • Total sales: Displays a breakdown of total sales for the current day, week and month.
  • Average Order Value: Displays a breakdown of average order value for the current week, month and year.
  • Aggregates: Displays a summary of your project’s totals products, published products, unpublished products, and categories.
  • Top 5 products by revenue for the current month: Displays the five top-selling products for the current month.

To access the Dashboard click Dashboard in the Merchant Center Main menu.

Note: You can switch the currency in the dropdown at the upper left corner of the Dashboard screen.

Configurable Dashboard


The configurable Dashboard enhances the existing Merchant Center Dashboard and allows you to create views which fit your individual needs. It exposes multiple widgets with individual settings. This gives you the opportunity to:

  • alter the data and view of the widget
  • add individual widgets multiple times with different configurations
  • individually place widgets on the Dashboard

Dashboard views

Dashboard views allow you to add and customize multiple dashboard layouts. The My views dropdown at the top right of the Dashboard screen enables you to:

  • select a view
  • rename a view
  • delete a view
  • save the current view

Note: You cannot save changes to the Default view. You can only save your changes to a new view.

To customize a view, click the configuration panel icon in the upper right of the screen. This exposes the configuration panel of the dashboard on the right-hand side of your screen.

merchant-center-dashboard-view sidebar add-widgets-tab

Note: After each change a persistent message appears at the bottom of the Dashboard screen. Please click Save to save the changes in the current view or click Save as new view. To discard your changes click Cancel.

Adding widgets

To add a new widget to the view, drag the widget card from the Add widgets tab of the sidebar and drop it onto the dashboard view. Confirm your changes by clicking Save to save the change in the current view, or by clicking Save as new view.

Note: You can add widgets as duplicates multiple times and customize them individually.

Widget settings

If you want to modify the settings of a widget, select a widget by click. The configuration side panel opens automatically the Widget settings tab, showing the configuration options for the selected widget.

merchant-center-dashboard-view sidebar widget-settings-tab

Note: Each view will maintain its own unique settings for the widget. Modifying one instance of a widget will not impact the other widgets of that type in the view.

Moving widgets

Each widget can be moved anywhere on the Dashboard. To move a widget:

  • click the widget
  • click and hold the Drag & drop icon in the upper left corner of the widget
  • drag the widget card around the view and drop it on the desired place

Deleting widgets

To remove a widget from the view, click the trash icon in the upper right corner of the widget. Confirm your changes by clicking Save or Save as new view.