Merchant Center Releases

Discount Code Search & Improvements for Customer Group and Channel selection on Price

26 January 2018 

  • We have added support to search Discount Codes by name, code or to filter by activation status.
  • We also improved the channel and customer group selection when creating or updating variant prices.

Added Custom Fields on Cart Discounts and Discount Codes

19 January 2018 

Custom Fields on Cart Discounts and Discount Codes can be viewed and edited in the Merchant Center. They are situated in an extra tab in the respective section of MC. For now, new custom fields cannot be added yet.

Multibuy Discounts (BOGO) available in MC

12 January 2018 

  • Within the Cart Discount section, we now support multibuy discounts, also known as BOGO. To create such a discount, all you have to do is select “Multibuy items” as target for your Cart Discount. You may optionally define a target predicate, for example if you only wish to apply this discount to specific items. The easy discount builder for BOGO discounts will help you to form your discount correctly. Multibuy Discounts may currently only be added as relative discounts.

Cart Discount and Discount Code Improvements

19 December 2017 

Another round of promotion management improvements:

  • “Free Gift” Discounts can now be created in Merchant Center. When adding a gift line item as a Cart Discount, the price of this item will be 0, and the item will automatically be added to the Cart once the Cart Discount matches the Cart.
  • You can duplicate Product and Cart Discounts directly without having to manually recreate all settings.
  • You can control the “validFrom” and “validTo” settings of both Cart Discounts and Discount Codes now. This helps you to manage and plan promotional campaigns in advance.

Stacking Mode for Cart Discounts

8 December 2017 

  • If you want to stop any further discounts from being added to your customer’s cart after a certain discount was applied, you can use the stacking mode to define this. When adding or editing a Cart Discount, just activate the checkbox “Do not apply any further discounts after this one”; and any matching Cart Discounts with a lower sortOrder will not be applied after this discount.

Order Filtering and Cart Discounts Stacking

1 December 2017 

The Order list view has two more filters now:

  1. Line Item Status
  2. A custom search query predicate

In addition, we added the ability to control the Cart Discounts stacking mode via the MC so you can e.g. make certain promotions exclusive to others.

Export from the Products list

29 September 2017 

In order to create a more seamless experience between our Merchant Center and our IMPEX tool, we have added a new Export feature to our Products list in the Merchant Center. This Export feature allows you to easily export all your products, filtered products or only selected products from the Merchant Center Products list. By selecting the “Export all’ or “Export selected’ actions, we will redirect you to a pre-filled export form in our IMPEX tooling. From there, all you will need to do is select the “Run command” and we will process your request and have your files ready for download.

More information about the Product export can be found by selecting the Information icon next to the Export action.

Export all

“Export all” allows you to export all products in the Products list, whether it’s all Products in your Project or a filtered list of products. 25.09.2017 - Export all 25.09.2017 - Export filtered

Export selected

To export only a few selected products from the Products list, you can easily select the relevant products needed and use the dropdown action button next to our “Export all” action. By choosing “Export selected” you can export your selected products from our IMPEX tooling. 25.09.2017 - Export selected

Exporting Search results

Currently, we are unable to Export a Products list with a Search term applied. In this case, we recommend selecting the Products to export all selected Products. 25.09.2017 - Export with search 25.09.2017 - Export with search selected

Product discount Rule builder UI Controls

15 September 2017 

Product discount Rule builder

Now you can easily apply Channel, Country, Currency and Customer group rules to restrict your discount to only apply to specific Product prices in addition to any other condition or rule.

For example, you would like to create a 20% discount for all Shirts that cost over 50 euros for your VIP members. You would like this discount to only apply to your store in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Hamburg, Germany.


You can add a Channel rule for your Amsterdam and Hamburg store by searching for Amsterdam and Hamburg in your Channel input field. 15.09.2017 - ProdDisc Rule builder Channel


And then search for the two associated countries: The Netherlands and Germany. 15.09.2017 - ProdDisc Rule builder Country


To make sure that this discount only applies to Shirts with a price over 50 euros, you can add the rule for an amount of 50 and with euros as the currency. 15.09.2017 - ProdDisc Rule builder Currency

Customer group

Finally, to make sure that this does discount only applies to prices meant for your VIP members, you can easily select the VIP customer group. 15.09.2017 - ProdDisc Rule builder Customer group

Cart Discounts is live!

6 September 2017 

Cart discounts

Cart discounts list

06.09.2017 - Cart discount list From the Cart discount list, you can see an overview of all the Cart discounts for your project. The Cart discounts are sorted based on the Rank (aka sortOrder) set in each Cart discount. This is particularly helpful in case you have a cart with multiple discounts applied.

Carts with multiple discounts applied will be applied in order from the top of the list to the bottom. Currently, all matching discounts will be applied to the cart.

For example, the ‘Fall Sale’ discount is in the 2nd place, while the ‘Black Friday!’ discount is in the 5th place. However, the ‘Black Friday!’ discount requires the user to enter a discount code.

If the customer’s cart qualifies for the ‘Fall Sale’ discount and also applies the discount code for the ‘Black Friday!’ discount, then then the ‘Fall Sale’ discount would apply to the Cart first, and the ‘Black Friday!’ discount will be applied second.

Cart discount details

06.09.2017 - Cart discount details Editing Cart discounts allows you to have full control over the conditions a Cart must fulfill in order to qualify for a discount. You can customize the conditions in the Cart discount rules panel. For example, you can set the discount to only apply to Carts with a total over $100.

Furthermore, our Cart discount target allows you to choose if you want to target the Cart’s shipping costs or a specific product in your customer’s Cart.

When you’re ready bring your discount live, you can easily activate or deactivate your discounts or even require your users to enter a special discount code to enable the discount.

Our flexible Cart discount rules and targets allow you to customize Cart discounts for your customers. You have great flexibility with building discounts for your customers.

Updates in Category List and Search

6 September 2017 

In our Category list, we increased the number of categories we can load to 200 categories per level. We have done so to provide you with a high performing Category list. If you have over 200 categories per level, please use our Search feature which is accessible with the toggle switch at the top of the page. You can apply a ‘Subcategory’ filter to see the full like of all categories under a specific Category.

06.09.2017 - Category list 06.09.2017 - Category search In our Category search list, we also added the feature of sorting by relevance. When you enter a search term, the list of results returned will now be sorted based on the Relevance to the search term. You can now also see the ‘Sort by’ above the table header in our Category search list - select the information icon when sorting by Relevance to learn more.