Feature Alert 9 -

Summer is approaching and we’re looking forward to the longest days these year. To enjoy the weather best, we will inform you today about new settings in the merchant center and our tooling to import product data.

###1: General settings in Merchant Center: HTML Editor

Displaying information on you website are sometimes not so easy. This is why we introduced WYSIWYG editors for general description of products and categories. In order to give you more choices you can now decide in general whether these editors should be used for your descriptions in SPHERE.IO. This is a great feature if you want to distribute your product data on multiple platforms next to your webshop like your mobile site and native apps.

###2: THE IMPEX - Import and export your data to SPHERE.IO

To import or update data manually is often very labor-intensive. Therefore we added the CSV Product import, which is available on GitHub as a NodeJS component. We now added also an easy to use GUI which enables you to import or export product data and stock information. This frontend is available at Impex. It gives you a bunch of options and will ease the way you can work with mass data updates.