Feature Alert 8 -

We hope you can also enjoy the shinning sun these days! To make you even happier, we bring some updates regarding the marketplace features and our new website.

###1: New Add-on: brickfox Connector

Today, many channels can be used to sell your products. Besides your web or mobile shop, you might also want to use the reach of established marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. We’ve partnered with brickfox to give you an easy integration to several marketplaces and ERP solutions. In the near feature, you will be able to use this middleware multi-channel offering to grow your revenues by using huge marketplaces and control different products and prices for all of these.

###2: Marketplace functionalities

In the last months, we’ve spent tremendous time on a project we call SPHERE.IO marketplace. With this set of connectors you can build your own dropship marketplace in almost no time. You can easily sync prices, stocks and orders between your projects and create a combined storefront with products from different partners. One of our first customers is Department47, which uses this easy and performant solution to make their customers happy. If you have any further questions regarding the SPHERE.IO marketplace please contact us or checkout this GitHub Repository with an overview of all connectors.

###3: New website

The last update for today is this time not a release made for you, it’s one we made for us. After a lot of brainstorming we decided that we need to rebuild parts of our website. We wanted to put our product offering and the great benefits of the SPHERE.IO platform in the center of our overall communication. Yesterday we updated our website. It’s not complete yet and who knows if it ever will be. But we already can tell you that within the next weeks it will grow by a multi-channel case study section, a partner portal and we will also improve on our developer sites and documentations. Any feedback is more than appreciated. If you like the site a simple tweet or like on our Facebook page will put a smile on our faces.