Feature Alert 7 -

Spring is approaching and new stuff is coming. We don’t refer to flowers, but rather to updates regarding new messages and the possibility to print shipping notes.

###1: New Messages

Ecommerce is about interacting with your customers. For instance if an order is created or delivery updates for an order are available, you want to inform your customer about it. Checking each order if a tracking ID was added or whether a return was successful is painful and slows down your internal process. To prevent this we have built a new resource called message, which allows you to to check only one API endpoint for current changes in your data. These messages contain important information on the object that was changed and the change itself. Currently, there are messages for LineItemStateTransitions, CustomLineItemStateTransitions, DeliveryAdded, ParcelAddedToDelivery and ReturnInfoAdded. We will enhance this system soon to give you more direct feedback about current actions in your ecommerce project.

###2: Shipping Note

Due to the demand of our customers we’ve enriched our order flow step by step to cover the end to end fulfillment process with SPHERE.IO. One possible aspect might be a shipping note you want to attach to your package and which informs the customer about the articles you’ve sent. Our generic solution will allow you to define your shipping note template and dynamically fill it with every information stored in the order. The shipping note will be linked to our deliveries and therefore know, which products are actually sent. The webservice will provide you on-the-fly with a PDF to print and send to your customer. This option will be available soon.