Feature Alert 6 -

The shortest month of the year did not stop us from bringing you cool new features. Today, we want to tell you something about our new line item states, customized order and customer numbers and our brand new product CSV import/update/export application.

###1: Line item states

In most cases, handling an order in eCommerce is very straight forward: get it, pack it and ship it. Sometimes we have to do some extra efforts in order to make our customers happy. In order to track special cases for your orders, we have built the custom states, which allow you to rebuild your very own order flow. You can easily create new line item states and also add information about possible transitions between these states. This will also be reflected in the Merchant Center soon.

###2: Custom order and customer number

Most of you have individual formats or patterns to create and store customer and order information. Therefore we introduced custom order and customer numbers which from now on will be used in the Merchant Center. They give you the possibility to identify business information faster. Our approach is very open minded and allows you to not only use number formats but also alpha-numeric strings to make your identifiers speaking. Order numbers are created either within cart creation or via order import. Customer numbers can be created as well through the customer API.

###3: Import/update/export products via CSV

Handling tons of product data requires automatization. Many ERP, CRM and accounting systems provide CSV data to make data exchange betweens systems easy and fast. That’s why we do more than APIs and updated our tools to handle product data via CSV. With one application it is now possible to import, update and export these data sets. You can find the application as well as a detailed readme file on how to use it in our public GitHub Repository. In addition, you can always find an updated overview regarding our open source repositories on our dev website.