Feature Alert 5 -

Happy New Year and welcome to the year of eCommerce PaaS. We have great plans for 2014 and start with a bunch of new features: We have added Deliveries to improve the fulfillment capabilities, added shipcloud.io as a new partner plugin (awesome solution to receive automatic shipping rates from major shipping carriers like UPS and DHL and create shipping labels) and we improved the search features within the Merchant Center.

###1: Improved Fulfillment with Deliveries

Many of our customers asked us to give them more possibilities to handle their fulfillment tasks. We implemented deliveries which gives you the opportunity to keep track of your shipments. Each delivery has information regarding the shipped products and tracking information of the parcel. Now you can easily store and maintain these kind of information within SPHERE.IO. By the way: We also improved return management and order states.

###2: shipcloud.io Add-on

In order to send your parcels you will also need a shipping label. APIs of shipment providers can be tricky so we hooked up with shipcloud.io. This direct integration allows you to print shipping and return label for your deliveries within the Merchant Center of SPHERE.IO. With this solution you can easily access the networks of several delivery suppliers like DHL, Hermes and UPS. The deliveries will be billed directly by shipcloud.io, but is also possible to negotiate individual terms. Merchants can receive automatic shipping rates from major shipping carriers like UPS or DHL. This integration also works with custom shipping rates.

###3: Advanced Merchant Center Search

As you know we care a lot about usability and try to make the Merchant Center the easiest to use tool for eCommerce Managers. While managing your online business the Merchant Center supports you with its intuitive interface. Now we added another feature to it: Advanced Search. When you have tons of products we enabled the search to filter by custom attributes and language. If you have ideas for improvements please let us know so we can make SPHERE.IO the best platform.