Feature Alert 4 -

Merry Christmas and welcome to our Feature Alert #4. Although the year is almost over we’re still in pursuit to bring you the best eCommerce solution on the market. We are proud to announce our Inventory Entries and Channels as well as the CDN support for images.

###1: Inventory

In order to manage your stock and warehouses we just released the inventory entries. Each inventory entry is identified by the SKU which is unique for every product. The entries will also be differentiated by channels to be able to have several stocks per SKU (e.g. multiple retail store, international warehouse locations, drop-ship and many more). For more information regarding inventory entries please check out our development section.

###2: Channels

You want to include your local retail stores into your eCommerce offering? Maybe you have distributed stock or run a drop ship model? Looking for a market place solution? With SPHERE.IO you can now use inventory and pricing in a very flexible way with the new introduced channels. Channels can be linked to stock and prices to cluster them or store more information. More information regarding channels you can also find in our development section.

###3: CDN for images with autosize

Speed of your webshop is a crucial part towards customer satisfaction. In relation to the increasing mobile traffic, page loading times are getting even more important. To improve your scalability we deliver integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN) support within every package. No need to upload images in several sizes, they will scale automatically. In this way, you can upload your images once using the merchant center and retrieve it in different dimensions for various scenarios. More information using images and CDN support you can find here.