Feature Alert 31 -

Finally, spring has sprung and we can present some cool new features that should make coders’ live easier when developing e-commerce applications with our commercetools™ platform. During last month we have been focussing on optimizing the interaction with our platform so that clients save API requests by getting additional information that is usually provided on different API endpoints. For example, the search endpoint now provides information about product availability also. You can now change the master variant easily if you need to update your product information. Furthermore we now made it easy to change the order images on the product variants. In our Admin Center you are now able to see all dates, e.g. on orders and discounts in the time zone you want.

###1: Product availability information now available at the Product Projection Search endpoint

The Product Projection Search endpoint now provides information about availability of products. This saves additional API requests to check how many of the products are currently in stock. The availability can be determined for each supply channel. Also filtering and sorting on product variant’s availability is now supported.

###2: Product Master Variant can now be changed

Several of our dear customers asked for an easy way to change the master variant of a Product. Now we’ve implemented this feature that is provided through the brand new update action Change Master Variant.

###3: Create published Products

Another request from our customers was to create products that will be published straightaway. So far all products had to be published additionally after the creation. Now you can save this additional API calls by setting the publish flag in the ProductDraft you give with the Product Create request.

###4: Set time zone for Admin Center user

So far all dates shown in the Admin Center were presented in UTC which led to some confusion among the Admin Center users. They are now able to set the time zone in their profile in which they want to have presented the dates. The time zone setting only affects the user interface of the Admin Center, platform-internally all dates are still stored in UTC.

###5: Taxed price now on each item in the cart

There is now a TaxedItemPrice on each item in the cart. With this you can easily find the total net and the total gross price for each (custom) line item or the shipping costs.

###6: Change order of product images

If you wanted to change the order of product images shown for a product variant you had to either do it in your application or to update the whole product variant. This is now much easier since we’ve introduced the Move Image To Position update action that does exactly that and nothing more.