Feature Alert 30 -

Despite the Easter break this month our developers have been busy extending the commercetools™ platform with some new cool features. We’ve introduced new order states and a new scoped price filter. We also added a new filter operator and we increased the limit for image uploads from 5 to 10MB. Furthermore we now enable you to manage API clients for your project with different scopes. We’ve introduced new scopes for our new Mobile endpoints that have been designed especially for mobile and single page applications.

###1: New Order States

We have added a new default OrderState “Confirmed” and a new ShipmentState “Delayed”. Both states were features requested by a client, but we think they can be useful for other clients as well. The new states are also available via Merchant Center.

###2: Scoped price filtering

Scoped price filtering allows you to retrieve the price of a product variant that fits exactly to the scope you define in the filter. Scopes are specified by country, currency, channel, customer group and so on. This filter is more rigid than the price selection on the platform that includes a fallback logic until it finds a price. For scoped price filtering no price gets returned in case the scope does not match exactly.

###3: Exists filter parameter

We have introduced the exists filter parameter on the Product Projection Search API. This gives you the opportunity to filter for product projections for which a field exists. This can be products that have at least one category assigned or variants for which a price or an SKU is defined. Of course, you can the exists filter also apply on your custom attributes on product variant level.

###4: SKU can now be set for staged Product Projection

Now it is possible to set the SKU of a product variant in the staged projection first. So far changing the SKU had been visible immediately on the published products. We have adapted the respective update action for this.

###5: Create API clients with different permissions

You now have the ability to create several API clients for your commercetools™ projects with the scopes you would like to grant the client. This allows you to use different clients for different applications with only those permissions the application requires. The API clients can be easily managed through the ↗ Admin Center EU and the ↗ Admin Center US .

###6: Mobile and Browser endpoints

We are proud to present some new API endpoints that support accessing the commercetools platform securely from mobile and single page applications. For the ongoing beta-phase we offer the My Carts, the My Orders as well as the My Customer Profile endpoints. On these endpoints it is assured that a customer can only access information that belongs to its account and nothing else. The scopes we’ve introduced to grant the permissions for mobile API clients are configurable in the Merchant Center. Please find some instructions about the use of the mobile endpoints as well as the password authentication flow we introduced with the mobile endpoints in our tutorial.