Feature Alert 3 -

Hey folks and welcome to Feature Alert #3, the edition of November 2013. We were very busy bringing you some improvements including customer pricing, staged products, our donut shop template for subscription commerce and a new status monitoring page.

###1: Customer Pricing

It is tricky to find the correct price. Sometimes it is the best option to differentiate prices for different groups of customers. To help you with that, we implemented our customer groups which can be edited within the “Settings” section. After implementing them you can easily define a special price per customer group within your product details. More information regarding customer groups you can also find in our development section.

###2: Staging for product data

Handling product data can be complex and all data needs to be checked before the information is presented towards users. So we implemented a staging status and you can easily inspect your products within your shop before anyone else sees them. Just add “staged=true” to your search query and get only staged products. To publish your products finally to your customers, just use the product detail page. More information regarding staged products you can also find in our development section.

###3: Donut store template

Building subscription commerce sites take time!? They shouldn’t. Therefore we created a real implemented template you can download and modify to your needs. Please check out our Donut store: www.iwantdonuts.com. It shows how a subscription based ecommerce model can be displayed while using the APIs of SPHERE.IO, Pactas and PAYMILL. More information regarding the Donut store template you can also find on the GitHub Repository.

###4: Status monitoring page

We know how important availability of the SPHERE.IO platform is to you. We invest many hours and efforts to sustain a highly scalable application and want to keep you informed at any time regarding the status of the SPHERE.IO platform. That is the reason we have set up a monitoring page for status for the different sections necessary to run SPHERE.IO. Check it out.