Feature Alert 29 -

Our developers at commercetools™ have been working hard over the last cold month on improving SDKs, shop templates, import/export tools and the platform API. Please find below some highlights of our releases in February.

1: JVM SDK Release Candidate 1

After more than year of work are now approaching the final release of the JVM SDK! Since Release Candidate 1 most of the API features are supported so that Java developers can now utilize the full potential of the commercetools™ API together with plenty of convenience methods, query and draft builders. Please find more information about latest developments in the release notes.

2: Sunrise JAVA

Our ready-to-run shop frontend “Sunrise JAVA” has now been released in version 0.5.0 that brings support for customer SignUp/In functionality incl. cart handling. Check out the demo on http://demo.commercetools.com/. Get your own copy on GitHub to get some hands on experience with it. For easy customization several configuration variables allow you to control important features of the shop without digging into the code. For instance, you can define which attributes you want to show on the Product Detail Page and which of the attributes cause a refresh of the page when a new value was selected by the shop user. This is useful for presenting different pictures for different variants of the product. The design of Sunrise Java is based on the Sunrise Theme, a Handlebars template you can adapt easily.

3: API improvements

You are now entitled to query the content of the “value” field of a custom object which allows many more applications with custom objects. We also enabled queries on deliveries in the ShippingInfo of orders. The “isSearchable” field of product attribute definitions is now changeable so that deleting and re-adding the attribute is no longer required for just changing this field. For performance reasons we had to introduce a limit of 10922 characters for searchable string attributes. During a beta period of several months we evaluated the Cart Discount and Discount Code features extensively with our beloved customers so that we are now able to declare those features as finally released. The same we can say about the Type and Custom Field features that have been successfully applied in several projects in the meanwhile.