Feature Alert 28 -

Happy New Year to all our customers, partners and everyone interested in the commercetools™ platform. Here are some highlights we’d like to present already at the beginning of the year, but there is certainly more to come over the next months. Please stay tuned.

1: Reviews endpoint

A new Reviews endpoint has been released that provides the calculation of the average value as well as count, lowest and highest review score in the product data set. In our tutorial we demonstrate how the review information can be applied for product search for facets and filters.

2: Product data enhancements

Products can now be filtered by their State during product search and we’ve introduced a new update action to reset all prices on a specific variant. Furthermore we improved the support for modifying keys on ProductTypes and custom Types that are often used to reference resources on the platform.

3: JVM SDK M26

Our JVM SDK is very close to the finish line. The Milestone 26 will be the last one before the Release Candidate. All API features are now covered by the SDK (including the Reviews endpoint) and no more breaking changes are to be expected. Both, the JVM SDK as well as the PHP SDK now support gzipped responses from the commercetools™ platform which should result in less traffic and faster responses.


The Release Candidate 9 of our PHP SDK has brought a couple of new features, like the support for Category, Customer and Payment-related Messages. The matching variant flag is now supported on ProductSearch together as well as the price selection for ProductSearch. Moreover, gzip is the default setting for the now configurable accept encoding format.