Feature Alert 27 -

HO HO HO and Merry Christmas to all of you! With this final edition of our Feature Alert we want to thank you for a wonderful year. Last but not least, we put some last presents under the tree and included some new search features into the commercetools™ platform.

1: Information about matching Variant

Finding the correct variant based on the filter and search criteria was sometimes a bit tricky, especially when you had large variant sets. We now offer a new flag within the search results called isMatchingVariant. This is set to true if this specific variant matches the criteria like a search keyword or filter for a specific attribute value like the size. All detailed information can be found in the updated documentation here.

2: Price selection for search endpoint

We offer you with commercetools™ platform a very flexible price selection based on multiple dimensions when you add a lineItem to a cart. With the latest updated, we also offer the possibility to select a certain price of the variant within the search endpoint. You can now use parameters like priceCurrency, priceCountry, priceCustomerGroup and priceChannel to find the matching price for this specific customer. Visit this site for more information.

3: Find products which have certain fields not set

In certain cases you also want find products with the search endpoint which have specific values not set, e.g. which are not assigned to categories, have no prices set, etc. In order to allow that, we now offer the missing option. Using for example the filter categories:missing will include only products, which have no categories set yet. For all information please check the developer documentation.