Feature Alert 26 -

The finishing line for 2015 is coming closer and we hope you already had a wonderful year. Nevertheless, we would like to bring you up to speed regarding the commercetools™ platform and talk about some of the new features we have been working on.

###1: Enhancement of the Create a Cart API

We enhanced the Create a Cart API call with many new fields - this means that you can create a full cart with a single API call now, including addresses and line items. See the updated documentation here.

###2: New messages

We added new messages to several of our endpoints. You will now be informed when a new product, category or customer was created. Also, there are messages available for slug changes of products and categories, so now you are able to create redirects from old slugs to new ones and support your SEO strategy. Visit this site for more information.

###3: New “key” field for product types

We enabled a new feature for the product types: they can now have a new field called ‘key’ which allows easy access to the object. Product types can now be easily fetched, updated or deleted using the ‘key’. That enables you to reference the resource with an external identifier - so you do not require the internal ID anymore. For all information please check the developer documentation.