Feature Alert 25 -

As usual, we have been busy in the last weeks working on and improving commercetools™ platform and would like to share some updates with you.

###1: Compound sort requests

Especially in the case of complex product catalogs with large search results it is sometimes necessary to sort the results using more than one sort parameter. With our latest update of the Product Search Endpoint, it is now possible to pass more than one parameter. The order of the sort parameters determines the priorities of the sorting. More details can be found here.

###2: New ImpEx Tooling

With the latest version of our ImpEx tools you do not have to copy the credentials for your projects anymore. Just use your login from the Merchant Center and have access to all products assigned to your project automatically. Visit this site for more information.

###3: SKUs for update actions

In order to ease the process of product updates, we now also accept the SKU as variant identifier instead of the variantId for the update actions. This will make handling easier and will potentially avoid update mistakes like for deleted variants, etc. Find an example here.