Feature Alert 24 -

As usual, we have been busy in the last weeks working on and improving commercetools™ platform and would like to share some updates with you.

###1: Fuzzy search

Your customers type very fast when they search, don’t they? Often, this includes spelling mistakes which results in a frustrating experience because products cannot be found. In order to address this, we now also support running fuzzy searches on our endpoint. You can just add the fuzzy parameter to your search query and can find products although the tokens have a distance of up to two characters. More details can be found here.

###2: Order states

As we have learned in the last years, every e-commerce business has its special processes to maintain a high customer satisfaction. With the new order states, you can model your specific processes in the commercetools™ platform as well. Using this option, it is possible to create a flexible state machine for your orders and represent the process you need to fulfill an order. Visit this site for more information.

###3: Payment messages

If something goes wrong in your payment process, you surely want to be informed about that. We now support different payment messages to inform 3rd party systems about issues regarding payments. Find an overview here.