Feature Alert 22 -

As usual, we have been busy in the last weeks working on and improving commercetools™ platform and would like to share some updates with you.

###1: New custom fields and types for categories and customers

This is something we’re especially proud of and have been working on for quite some time: we’d like to introduce you to the new custom fields and custom types for categories and customers. With this feature, you’ll gain a lot more flexibility while working with the category and customer objects because you can now add any number of additional attributes. Does your data model need more than one short description for a category or several first names for your customer? Have a look here to learn more about custom types. For more information on how to use these fields, head over to this section.

###2: Set attribute type is now searchable

We also improved our search functionality when it comes to sets. Now it is possible to query the elements in the setType array, which is especially helpful with regard to more complex products. More information is available here.

###3: Additional order messages

We have added two more messages with regard to orders. OrderCreated is sent when a cart is ordered, OrderStateChanged is thrown when the state of an order has been changed. This functionality is especially helpful in synchronization scenarios, when you’d like to find out which orders have been generated in a specific time-frame. More information is available here and here respectively.