Feature Alert 21 -

As usual, we have been busy in the last weeks working on and improving SPHERE.IO and would like to share some updates with you.

###1: New channel-specific price selection for the cart

Having different prices for different customers and countries are very common use cases which have been enabled by SPHERE.IO from the beginning. Now we have enhanced our price logic and also consider specific channels as another dimension. Setting the channel at the price and referencing the same when creating a new lineItem as distributionChannel makes it possible to have a specific selection for this value. For this, your channel user needs to have the role ProductDistribution. With this role you can now enable use cases with different pricing models depending on how your customers are buying your products. In order to learn more about the new price selection, just check out the Add LineItem action as well as the new channel role.

###2: Changing InventoryEntries more easily

On top of changing your stock levels using mathematical operations like add and substract, with the newest release of SPHERE.IO you are now also able to set a new quantity without calculating the difference before. Just use the new changeQuantityaction to easily update your InventoryEntries. More information is available here.