Feature Alert 2 -

Welcome to our latest feature alert. The last weeks were quite exciting for us and we are eager to announce many new features like our Java SDK, the new shipping options, multi currency support and the integration of elastic.io.

###1: Java Play! 2 SDK

We always want to provide you with fast ways to start your web shop in order to save development resources and have a short time to market. This in mind we are happy to allow you access to our latest Java SDK which uses the popular Play! 2 framework. It enables you to utilize the SPHERE.IO API with easy to use Java methods and accelerate your development. You can find the SDK on GitHub following this link: SPHERE.IO Java Play! 2 SDK

###2: Advanced shipping options

In our Merchant Center as well as in the API we introduced new possibilities to manage your shipping options. You can now adjust different prices for each shipping zone, which can be segmented by countries. The prices include shipping costs and free above limits which can be added with one click within the Merchant Center. A detailed documentation regarding the API implementation you can find in our development section.

###3: Multi currency

Besides the new shipping options, we know we have some international merchants using SPHERE.IO as their online shopping application. In order to support multi language shops using the same backend and data source, we are happy to introduce our multi currency feature. In the Merchant Center the selection takes place via drop down menus. For the API, we introduced the “Money” object which can be found in our development section.

###4: Drag & Drop Integrations

Integrations to external systems cost effort, time and money, right? Wrong! SPHERE.IO has a pre-built integration to elastic.io, a technology to connect systems with each other easily. elastic.io enables SPHERE.IO users to create connections to other solutions like ERP, CRM, Accounting and many more with a Drag&Drop interface. Ever wanted to connect your eCommerce platform with Salesforce.com? With SPHERE.IO you can. Even more, you can import and export data not only from ready-to-go apps but use CSV files, located on SFTP or Dropbox. Try it out on your own with your SPHERE.IO account. Just go to “Import & Export” in the Merchant Center and build great connections on your own. You have developer skills? Then create your own integrations with the provided SDK and become a part of the elastic.io marketplace.