Feature Alert 19 -

As always, we have been busy in the last weeks working on and improving SPHERE.IO and would like to share some updates with you.

###1: Enhanced Discount Logic

Apart from the already available option of being able to target LineItems for the application of CartDiscounts, it is now also possible to add a discount logic which reduces the price of CustomLineItems and ShippingMethods to have an even bigger flexibility to promote your goods. These new target objects can easily be set via the API to give merchants more possibilities. For more information, just take a look at our developer documentation. The implementation in the Merchant Center will follow soon.

###2: Add Validity Period for Prices

Today, it is a very common approach to give prices a certain time frame in which they are valid. When prices can be changed daily or even hourly, merchants can react to certain market movements more efficiently and also use this possibility as a marketing instrument. In order to fulfill this requirement, we have extended our price object and introduced a new set of attributes defining the validity for a certain time period. By using validFrom and validUntil, or just one of them, you can limit the availability of specific prices. This is also included in the selection of prices for the carts. Currently, we’re only supporting these features via API, but will enhance the Merchant Center soon.