Feature Alert 18 -

As usual, we have been busy working on and improving SPHERE.IO and would like to share some updates with you.

###1: Application of discount codes

One thing we had on our mind for a while was to improve the way in which you could work with discount codes. Therefore, we have just introduced the possibility to restrict the number of times a discount code is applied. You can determine how often a discount code can be used as well as restrict its application per user. For more information, just check out our developer documentation.

###2: Integration of Neos CMS and SPHERE.IO

Right now we are busy working on our PHP library to open up SPHERE.IO for the huge international PHP developer community out there. In order to put it to a test, we have decided to join forces with members of the Neos core team and write our own integration. Neos is a CMS based on PHP made by the people which have brought TYPO3 to the world. In the demo we have made, it is possible to connect a Neos installation to a SPHERE.IO instance, pull product information out of the latter and display it in Neos along with some other editorial content. If you like to test-drive this system and see how SPHERE.IO also provides the tools for advanced Content-Driven E-Commerce, take a look here.

###3: Several bugfixes

We are also very happy to tell you that we have been able to fix a number of bugs. On the platform we solved a problem which led to duplicate slugs in categories. For the merchant center, we tackled bugs which led to links which were not adjusted for product discounts and blocked the creation of sub-categories.