Feature Alert 17 -

After a marvelous start in 2015 and some carnival action we would like to give you an update on the newest developments with SPHERE.IO which include the new nested attributes, setting/unsetting a customerId in carts.

###1: Nested attributes

We were thinking about how we could give you more options to define your product attributes. One of the main points we saw is the multiple use of attribute definitions for several product types. In order to accomplish that, we created a new attribute type for our API called nested. This enables you to reference an existing product type in a new product type. When using this new type for products, you will see that you’re actually able to add new values for the referenced attributes. This will make it much easier for you to maintain your product types. For more information, just check out our [developer documentation]http://dev.commercetools.com/http-api-projects-productTypes.html#nested.

###2: Set/Unset customerId in carts

We love to see our customers working with our carts and we encourage you to do so in the future as well. To make your life easier, we just introduced some new update action in an order to quickly change the link between two well-known SPHERE.IO resources. setCustomerId allows you to easily change the customer attached to a cart. Using this feature, you can easily alter the relationship between these and e.g. create a separate cart to be used as a wishlist. You can find out more about this feature here.