Feature Alert 16 -

2014 was a remarkable year at commercetools™. We’ve hosted the APIdays Berlin, brought more and more customers on SPHERE.IO and finally teamed up with REWE group to create the best commerce solution out there. We served millions API calls and brought more than 100 feature releases continuously deployed to our customers. But this is just the beginning: We have big plans for 2015, great features are on our roadmap and we planned a bunch of great events like the APIDays in Berlin, the eCommerce Open, hackathons and various trade shows.

###1: New cart discounts and discount codes

Some months ago we released the first version of product discounts - we now also provide cart discounts as well as the associated discountCodes. Using this feature, you can easily create hundreds of different campaigns to attract more consumers and increase your order volume. You’re eligible to define relative or absolute discount values. You can also define discount rules so they campaign only applies for specific users, products or other conditions. This can be done with help of our discount rules (we call them predicates) to exactly specify which criteria the cart and the line items have to match to be discounted. Multiple discounts should apply? No problem: Just use the sortOrder to stack or prioritize campaigns. We already included all these features in the Merchant Center so that you can use them right away. For more information, just check out our developer documentation.

###2: Deleting customers and carts

While you implement your new application based on SPHERE.IO you will probably create a lot of objects which you will not use later on. Also automated tests using our API usually fill up your database with entries you want clean up. For many of our resources, this was already implemented, but now we enhanced this list. Also carts and customers are now eligible to be deleted, so start creating resources without hesitation, someone else can tidy up later. ;) How to do that? Everything is documented here for the carts and here for the customers.