Feature Alert 14 -

As fall is approaching we want to update you on some cool new features we have set up in the last months and brought live recently. As an example we present to you to today suggestions on product searches, revert action for products and the new project endpoint.

###1: Suggestions and Auto-Complete

We recently deployed a new version of our backend including the new auto-complete / search-suggestions feature and well as a new, localized field at the product called searchKeywords. It is directly indexed in the search endpoint as well. These resources allow you to tag your products and help your customers to automatically complete their search phrase. The result sets are referring to the entered query and are ordered automatically by relevance. For more info, just check out our developer documentation.

###2: Revert staged changes for products

When we designed some of the fundamentals of the SPHERE.IO platform we also decided to introduce two different versions of the product so that you can easily check your product in staging systems before your edits actually go live and are feasible for your customers. In some cases it might make sense to actually revert recent changes and set the product back to current live version. We now implemented a new update action for this, which will also be available in the Merchant Center soon. For now, you can have a look here.

###3: New projects endpoint

In some cases you might want to retrieve information regarding your project like which currencies are supported or which languages are in use. All this information is now available through a special endpoint called projects. This provides you with all you need to configure your shop or any other 3rd party application based on SPHERE.IO platform. Check out the details.