Feature Alert 13 -

Some exciting months are behind us. We worked hard and are proud to announce our partnership with REWE Digital recently. For more information please have a look at the press release. We have now even more firepower to bring you the best e-commerce platform. This month we want to inform you about several things: easybill.de integration and new sort options for search queries.

###1: easybill.de integration

After your customer has successfully placed an order in your shop, you have to think about different steps which will follow after that. One of these is definitely invoicing. Create an accurate invoice and have a complete process including possible credit advices is essential. We have partnered with easybill.de to give you an easy and powerful solution. With the importer built in easybill.de for SPHERE.IO you are able to select which orders you want to import and which product attributes should also be transferred. When the order information are available in easybill.de you can create shipping notes or invoices. Our customer MAXIMILIAN uses this solution for some time now and is very satisfied: “Easybill is the perfect addition to our SPHERE.IO e-commerce solution. Importing orders works automatically as well as creating referring invoices and shipping notes. Also the documents are fully customizable matching our specific needs.”, Marco Vedovelli, E-Commerce-Manager, MAXIMILIAN

###2: Enhanced sort options for search endpoint

Having a full text search included in SPHERE.IO is very cool and often used feature. We’ve received a lot of ideas from you on how to improve this feature and started with enabling more options for sorting your results. You can now easily sort by createdAt, lastModifiedAt or any other custom attribute, which was marked as searchable. These possibilities combined with already existing filter options offer a vast variety of opportunities to show specific product data on your shopping frontend. Just check out our developer documentation.