Feature Alert 12 -

We really enjoyed this sunny month and hope you did as well. Nevertheless, we stayed focused on our product and released some new features for SPHERE.IO like the new product discount UI and the reference attributes.

###1: Product discount UI

After releasing the backend functionality and API endpoint last month, we now invite you to test the new UI to create and maintain your product discounts. You can now easily setup new promotions for your store using the Merchant Center. The discount list gives you a short overview about all your discounts. To generate a new one you just have to input some basic information like name and value. In this step, the structure of your predicates get validated to avoid mistakes and create extravagant constrains, if you want to. We will soon offer you an easy to use GUI to create powerful predicates with Drag&Drop elements.

###2: Reference attributes

Creating product bundles was a very common request from our customers. We thought about this and found a generic solution, which enables you to create vast products with references to almost any resource within SPHERE.IO. By linking products within a product, building bundles is very intuitive. In addition, you can easily link categories, shipping methods or channels to certain articles and model different use cases. Just check out our developer documentation and our tutorial.