Feature Alert 11 -

What a month! We’re still a bit shaken by the incredible performance of the German soccer team. Congratulations guys! Nevertheless we want to tell you something about the newest features we brought to SPHERE.IO like boolean attributes and product discounts.

###1: Boolean attributes

We added a new attribute type for your product data which gives you two simple options: true or false. Using booleans can be much easier in some cases when you want to store simple informations on your products. You can use this attribute to display icons with your product in the frontend or use them for facetted search. Due to direct implementation in the search API you can start filtering immediately.

###2: Product discounts

Your marketing team will love the feature-set we created here. It’s actually more than just discounts, it’s a whole marketing engine. Reducing the prices of several products at once can be really messy and hard to control. We created the product discounts which give you a bunch of options to control the prices of your products. Based on the predicate - a rule based mechanism - you can filter for certain products and their prices and then apply discounts. The possibilities for these predicates are almost endless and include SKUs, categories, product types or product attributes. In addition the operators are numerous and multiply the opportunities. Check out the examples and start controlling your prices like a pro. We will soon add a graphical interface so your marketing team gets all the flexibility they deserve.