Feature Alert 10 -

We’re proud to announce the launch of several new customers of SPHERE.IO like Petobel and Amabili. They all are loving our new features like the new Order CSV Export, add Enum/Lenum values and our enhanced dashboard.

###1: CSV Order Export

We enhanced our Impex with a new feature to export orders. As with the product export you can provide a header template with the required information so that only desired information are exported (detailed documentation can be found in the related GitHub repository as usual). Currently we only support general order information as well as LineItem information but will enhance the feature set soon.

###2: Create new Enum/Lenum values

Product catalogs are getting bigger these days because you want to enlarge your assortment. While doing this you may also need to enhance your current product data model with certain values which you thought you wouldn’t need at the beginning. To help you with that we’ve now enabled adding new Enum/Lenum values in the Merchant Center. Simply open your attribute definition and find the plus button to add new values.

###3: Our enhanced dashboards

To give you some more insights regarding your metrics we have enhanced our dashboards. In the date-range selection you will see a short summary of the selected range like orders Revenue, number of API calls and Bandwidth usage.