Feature Alert 1 -

Welcome to our first feature alert. We had been pretty busy the last weeks working on a couple of things that had been released to all of our users recently. We are happy to announce many new features like localizable product data, multiple languages in the Merchant Center and a generic Data Storage (allowing you to build anything you dream about).

###1: Multi-language support for product data

Want to sell your products in multiple-languages? Now you can add as many translations to your product data as you like. Simply add the language within the settings tab in the Merchant Center. You can also define a default language (that is the language that is shown first in the Merchant Center and the one you want to use for fallback). Just go to your products page and open the edit view. All available languages will be shown on all localizable attributes. Need more localized information at your products? You can now add custom localizable attributes on your own, too.

###2: Chinese translation for the Merchant Center

As one request of our Chinese merchants and developers was a native backend interface we are happy to tell you that it is available to all users from now on. You can change the language of the Merchant Center in the profile settings section. You can also switch to other translations that we now provide, too. Over the next couple of months we will add more and more translations. If you have specific needs please vote for the translations you need in our Help Center.

###3: Developer Highlight: The JSON Storage

There is a new feature in our API that might make your developer heart go fast: You can now store any custom data within SPHERE.IO. Sounds like Parse.com? It’s better, because you can use it in combination with all other SPHERE.IO data and features. Knowing that sometimes you have requirements that go beyond product data, customer information and orders means you have to develop unique applications or services. We want to give you that flexibility with our platform. From now on you can store JSON data within SPHERE.IO for whatever use you might need it. We call this feature “Custom Objects JSON storage”. Learn how to implement the JSON Storage API.