Tutorials Overview

commercetools platform tutorials

These tutorials shall help you to get familiar with the commercetools platform and its underlying concepts enabling you to master the platform’s capabilities. Our tutorials focus on typical e-commerce use cases you would like to realize with the commercetools platform. We’ll also guide you through the use of commercetools’ powerful commands assisting you in importing and exporting data to and from the platform.

Getting Started with the platform

For you being able to try out the tutorials you need to have access to a commercetools platform account. How you can get your commercetools platform account is described in Getting Started. After that you should be able to do your first steps with the API along our HTTP API Tutorial.

Products and ProductTypes

Custom Types and Fields


Review Ratings

Mobile and Browser Endpoints

Guest Checkout


Shipping Methods

Best Practices

We just started with writing tutorials; even though its number is fairly low at the moment, you can expect more tutorials to come over the next months. Please check back from time to time!