Third Party Apps

In order to offer you a wide variety of possible ways of using commercetools platform for all your commerce purposes, we team up with several external service providers where it fits.

General Info

To enhance the order flows implemented on the commercetools platform, we also offer you a direct link to a bunch of shipment providers like UPS, DHL and Hermes. Our friends at have many years of experience in dealing with APIs of shipment providers. Therefore we have implemented their service directly into the Admin Center.
You can easily add shipping labels when you add a Parcel to a Delivery via the Admin Center.


In order to run the plugin correctly we need some information from their backend.

Order Requirements

To produce a shipping label and link it correctly to the order, some requirements have to be met regarding the data in your order. We need the following information to be able to create a shipping label:

Data Mapping

When you are creating a parcel and use as provider, we send a request to the API with several information from the order and the parcel. Here is an overview how we manage the mapping so that you can build your frontend accordingly.

commercetools platform API field field Mandatory/Optional Optional
order.shippingAddress.firstName to.first_name Mandatory
order.shippingAddress.lastName to.last_name Mandatory
order.shippingAddress.additionalAddressInfo to.care_of Optional
order.shippingAddress.streetName to.street Mandatory
order.shippingAddress.streetNumber to.street_no Mandatory Mandatory
order.shippingAddress.postalCode to.zip_code Mandatory Mandatory
order.shippingInfo.deliveries.parcels.trackingData.carrier carrier Mandatory
order.shippingInfo.deliveries.parcels.parcelMeasurements.heightInMillimeter package.height Mandatory
order.shippingInfo.deliveries.parcels.parcelMeasurements.widthInMillimeter package.width Mandatory
order.shippingInfo.deliveries.parcels.parcelMeasurements.heightInMillimeter package.height Mandatory
order.shippingInfo.deliveries.parcels.parcelMeasurements.lengthInMillimeter package.length Mandatory
order.shippingInfo.deliveries.parcels.parcelMeasurements.weightInGram package.weight Mandatory