Getting Started

Getting Started with the commercetools platform HTTP API

Sign up for an account

To create an account, go to our Developer Home page and click on “Sign Up” in the upper right corner. Fill out the registration form with your name, email and a secure password (we recommend at least upper- and lowercase letters, plus some numbers). You can always change this information later on.

Screenshot Signup

Create a first project

Once your account is created, you will be taken into the ↗ Admin Center EU (or into the ↗ Admin Center US ) where the whole visual configuration and management takes place. When you enter the Admin Center for the first time you will be asked to create a project. If you’re not new to the platform, to see the new project form, click on your name on the upper right corner > Select an organization > Manage Projects. A project can be your online shop, e-commerce app or anything else you want to run on the commercetools platform.

Fill out all required fields. You can change the name of the project at any time – only the project key has to stay as it is the unique identifier. For the first time, it also makes sense to create some sample data so you have something to play around with (and it saves you some time as well).

Screenshot Project Setup

After your data is initialized, you will be taken to the main Admin Center view where you can start by browsing around. If you like, you can select and take a tour through the Admin Center. You can also do it later by clicking on the “Help” symbol, found on the upper right of the window.

Select your preferred language

When you launch the Admin Center for the first time, the language is set to English by default. As we have multiple translations available, you can switch the language any time in your profile. Simply click on your name in the upper right corner to access your Profile Settings:

Screenshot Menu

Select Account Settings to open your profile. At the language drop-down list you can select your preferred translation. If you are looking for a translation that we don’t support yet please let us know via ↗ Support Portal .

Screenshot Account Settings

After you changed the language settings the Admin Center will be re-started.

Create sample data

Having some first data (products, general settings) is required to see some results in your first e-commerce application. You can either start with some sample data that we provide or you setup data on your own. To keep it simple we recommend that you start with our sample data and add your own data any time later.

Screenshot Project Setup

Screenshot Admin Center Product View

Retrieve API Keys

To build or integrate applications with the commercetools platform, you have to authenticate with your API Keys that you retrieve in the “Developers” section. Click on “API Clients” to get all information you need.

Screenshot API Settings

Launch a first sample application

We provide you with several tools and templates, but the fastest way to start is to use one of our “Hello API” samples. They come in several languages like PHP, Ruby, node.js and many more. You can download your favorite sample on our ↗ Hello API Github repository . Each sample has a config file that you need to edit. Simply add your API credentials and put the files on a local or remote webserver.

Please note: We do not host your frontend code/application.
We offer direct integration to cloud application hoster ↗ Heroku .
You can also put your files on a webserver hosted at ↗ Rackspace or any other hosting provider that fulfills your requirements.
For testing purposes you can just run the application on your local machine.

Open the URL of the application and the page will show you information about all published products within your project.
Screenshot Products

Now you are ready to go. You launched your first application on the commercetools platform.
What could be your next steps: